About  Pan  de  Mar

Our project appeared as an initiative to help people in hard life situations due to COVID-19

  • We make fresh delicious artisan bread and give it to people who don't have food.

  • We offer people work, taking them out of the unemployment queue.


Now, thanks to our Sponsors, who have made it possible with their financial support, trust and care towards others, we open our first socially responsible bakery
Pan de Mar.


Have a coffee,buy some bread and change lives!

How we work?

We are non-profit, all our profit is recycled:

1. Sponsors give us donations, with this donations we opened the bakery and provide artisan bread to people, who do not have food together with our partners Tardor and Zaqueo. The donations also cover the salaries of people working.

2. We as a bakery offer our bread to you, and every time you buy a loaf of bread you become the active participant in the fight against unemployment and hunger.

3. People who we hire as we grow get a job and also help others, who are still in a difficult situation. 

Professionals without work


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People without food
Helping Hands

Become a sponsor: ES90 0061 0003 8002 6798 0112

Number of bread loafs donated until today:


People taken out of the queue:

Our bread

Our head Chef Alexis Cataldi is the conductor of the whole bread symphony. He chooses the instruments, and comes up with beautiful, delicate and powerful compositions, recipes of the bread and other creations that are offered to you.